Saturday, July 14, 2007

first days

I only have 7 minutes to write as I am at an internet cafe. Well I have no idea where to start because I have already had SO many experiences, thoughts, interactions, feelings in Africa so far. To put it simply I am having an amazing time. A brief list of things that have happened:

-Arrived in Abuja, Nigeria after 24 hours of flying- it was 8pm here and only noon at home. Crazy! The time difference has not been hard at all. The first night I slept like a baby. We are staying at the guest house of a church.
-Yesterday we went and toured a secondary school (junior and high school). I was really interested in the education system and this has only confirmed my desire to teach in Africa later on. I was very surprised to learn that there were only 14 teachers at the school for 1500 students. The facilities were very limited. I do not want to give negative images that everything is dirty or run down (even though that is what some people might see) because the people are the nicest I have ever met. At the school student government members helped with the tour and I the best thing was just talking to them about life. the connection between us was so beautiful and I couldn't help but think that all of humanity was strengthened by our friendship.
-This morning we went to an orphanage outside of the city. i do not have enough time to write about it but lets just say i am definitely adopting orphans when I am an adult. it was so hard to leave and the beautiful, happy faces were burned into my heart forever. it was really cool- i let the kids take a bunch of pictures with my camera and they were so excited and the pictures are amazing.

i could write forever (i wrote 7 pages in my journal about just yesterday)

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